The Journey begins- June 2006

The shared dreams of a daughter and her parents, are realized when she is selected in India'a best Law School i e NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad using the study mat prepared by her parents.
There are further jubilations when she joins an elite Law Firm in Mumbai (A dream destination of law graduates) after graduating with distinctions and a Gold Medal in 2011

Guidance matters

Some Dreams remained unfulfilled, however-
The daughter secures 1st rank in Haryana Judicial Services Examinations-2013 following the secrets told by her parents

Grooming matters

"Why not reveal these simple secrets of success to all the serious aspirants?"
So thought her parents

Manu Law Classes ( is established in 2013, producing toppers in CSEs, CLAT/AILET

why not? Study mat and guidance matter

"Why the secrets are restricted to a handful classroom students?'

Asked the parents to their globe trotting son doing a cushy job as the COO in a nice company, already settled in the comforts of perks and privileges of life after graduating from one of the world's best business schools, having been exposed to NUS, Kings Colllege- UK, Miami Business School (US)

"I'll do it for you and all who want it.Happiness on their faces will be my sole consideration."
was the answer of the son

Fair Price, a unit of Manu Fair Price Book Mart, LLP is established to prove simply that Books and Guidance matter when these are available at Fair Price

Fair Price Book Mart is dedicated to you

The son, Shrawan Gupta has done his Masters in Managemnet from I E Business School, Spain and has also studied at Miami Business School (US), National University of Singapore, Kings College (UK) after doing B.COM (H) from Ramjas College (DU)

He has left his lucurative well paid job of the COO to help realize the dreams of millions of serious students by providing cuarted, authentic study material for various competitive examinations, assistance of expert mentors at Fair Price. The initiative enjoys the mentoring of his humble parents as co-founders.